Cycles and Symmetry in Music Theory


If you’re an amateur musical performer and want to understand your craft at a deeper level, stop what you’re doing and view the following video:

“Amazing Music Concepts, Tetrachords, Tritones and Cycle of 5ths. Cosmic Symmetry”

by Kent Hewitt, available at:

In fact, watch this video three or four times to enjoy the teaching of a master. Mr. Hewitt is a treasure, both as a performer and as a teacher.

Here he presents a view of music theory that helps us understand how music affects us, as well as how some very interesting mathematics lurks just underneath the surface of what we hear when we listen.

If only I had access to Mr. Hewitt or his videos as a younger person… But we have no excuse now, so go learn some things that will open new perspectives for you in music and music theory.

Also, if you happen to be a teacher of any subject, view Mr. Hewitt’s video and consider it in the larger context of teaching a complex subject. Kent provides an excellent example of how to approach a subject with an appropriate degree of wonder, organize it into bite-size pieces, put it in context, and make it fun.

(Original post on November 4, 2016)


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