Mastering Finger Sequence


As someone who studied piano as a young person, let my skills lapse, and then returned to it as an adult, I would advise those returning to piano or just getting started to take a month or two and focus on fingering/finger sequencing.

There’s no better way to study fingering than to begin with simpler Bach pieces, where continuous movement requires careful consideration. A great resource for this type of study is the compilation by Alfred titled “J.S. Bach, An Introduction to His Keyboard Music”, edited by William A. Palmer.

My motivation for this study was work on jazz arpeggios, where I found my fingering skills sadly lacking. After a few weeks in the Bach pieces, I found muscle memory and sight skills kicking in, in terms of faster planning for finger transitions based on flow. In addition to the basic skills, there’s also a lot of joy to be gained in experiencing Bach’s compositions.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time focused exclusively on Bach and finger skills. All your other musical endeavors will benefit from it.

(Original post October 1, 2016)


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