Masters of Patterns


After a hard day of implementing design patterns in your software applications, software developers should consider relaxing at the end of the day by sitting down with the masters of patterns: jazz musicians.

As an aside, if you haven’t yet fully accepted the benefits of design patterns, it’s time. There’s much to be gained, especially if you’re creating api’s or web services. Good books to get started: “Design Patterns – Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” and “Head First Design Patterns”.

Experienced jazz musicians select and apply musical structural patterns at a rate that software developers should envy. Even if you’re not a musician, dial up some classic jazz and exercise your pattern recognition skills by following the modulations in key and mood. Look for both short local patterns, and larger scale patterns. If you are interested in understanding the patterns in greater detail, here’s a great book by Coker et al:

Patterns for Jazz by Jerry Coker

For practice, listen for patterns in this well known tune, “What a Wonderful World”:

What a Wonderful World – on Soundcloud

This arrangement is available at If you happen to be a keyboardist interested in learning more about jazz, look at Steve Nixon’s various sites as a great source of information.

(Original post on July 27, 2016)


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