Putting Software Quality in Context


Applying generic quality management processes in software development won’t necessarily result in an optimal quality system for every application. As part of re-assessment of our current quality system, we discovered that domain-specific quality guidance could be a rich source of insights.

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Topology, Biofilm, and Flossing


Recently, the Associated Press (AP) pushed a hot button for the dental profession by independently assessing the scientific basis for flossing of teeth. The AP’s review found little scientific support for the practice.

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Healthcare and Healing Relationships


We’re all aware of cycles in life, and how philosophies (and fashion) can come into favor, recede, and then return again. For concepts that survive the test of time, each cycle can serve to add clarity and utility to fundamentally good ideas.

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Remembering a Founder of Dental Informatics


Any current practitioner or student of dental informatics should take a minute to appreciate the life work of Dr. Mark Diehl, who passed away earlier this year (http://www.ada.org/en/publications/ada-news/2016-archive/may/standards-pioneer-ada-volunteer-dies).

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