Putting Software Quality in Context


Applying generic quality management processes in software development won’t necessarily result in an optimal quality system for every application. As part of re-assessment of our current quality system, we discovered that domain-specific quality guidance could be a rich source of insights.

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GUI Path to Git for .NET Developers


The pain, real or imagined, of command line Git may have held commercial .NET developers back from adopting it for version control. But the path is now clear for easy adoption of Git using free or low cost tools with Graphical User Interfaces. In fact, you can be up and running with a local system in a day and never see a command line.

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Adding Log4Net to Azure Worker Roles


As our applications move to the cloud, logging and telemetry are critical to success. If you’re using the Microsoft .NET toolset, it’s likely you’re building and hosting systems in Azure that rely on Azure worker roles. Debugging these worker roles is much easier when custom logs are available.

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