Sustained Excellence


I discovered the following amazing pipe organ performance by Jonathan Scott while searching for an arrangement of Saint-Saens Symphony #3 Finale for solo organ:

Symphont #3 Finale

This inspired performance left me wondering how such transcendent expression is possible. One answer is sustained excellence based on a vision capable of spanning generations.

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Healthcare and Healing Relationships


We’re all aware of cycles in life, and how philosophies (and fashion) can come into favor, recede, and then return again. For concepts that survive the test of time, each cycle can serve to add clarity and utility to fundamentally good ideas.

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Remembering Your Musical Modes


Working musicians feel the need every now and then to brush up on music theory. For those of us with jazz and sacred music interests, it’s common to come across references to musical modes in guides to performance. It can be difficult to keep the Greek modes straight, so I’ve created a mnemonic that is a little more meaningful (at least to me) than some of the others I’ve seen in the past. Here it is:

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TACT method included in new textbook


I was fortunate to be part of the original TACT development team at Wake Forest University, which was led by Dr. Richard Webber. Our initial focus was on dental applications, with additional applications in non-destructive testing and mammography.

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Remembering a Founder of Dental Informatics


Any current practitioner or student of dental informatics should take a minute to appreciate the life work of Dr. Mark Diehl, who passed away earlier this year (

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